Scott Key

Fullstack developer who loves to build large complex services.


In my personal life I love learning and building. I've been known to woodwork and tinker with computer hardware. At one point I was regularly participating in PC speed building competitions, my fastest time at 8 min 45sec

These days I spend the majority of my time enjoying hikes around where I live, and traveling as much as I can.

I love photography and I love seeking out the lesser known parts of cities or places I've never been before. I'd rather find a hole in the wall restaurant loved by the locals than visit a chain. Sometimes this involves not knowing the language and trying my best. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't

I love food, I love seeking new experiences, and I love building things. There is nothing better than learning something new.


Over the last few years I've been the guy that you could always go to in order to get things done. I've prided myself on being able to approach problems from a unique perspective. My varied background allows me to approach building complex applications, or microservices within a large ecosystem, all while breaking that complexity down for non technical stakeholders.

As part of the FinTech team at Pluralsight I worked on the quote-to-cash motions. This involved over 40 separate microservice and frontend applications to orchestrate the checkout processes. Part of my role was to help organize work and mentor other developers. This role also allowed me to take part in one of the largest B2B transformations of its kind, completely revamping the B2B processes end to end, leading to increased sales efficiency.

Ranging from checkout, to subscription management, to product internal apps, and payment processing and provisioning for hundreds of thousands of customers I worked on a wonderful team of passionate, fleet footed developers. As the business evolved we worked to keep up with the various changes that ended up being the largest digital transformation of it's kind. Completely revamping all B2B sales motions over the course of a year and a half.

I like to build cool things. I take great pride in focusing on fine details and building out clean, maintainable solutions.

@ Pluralsight

FinTech Support Tooling - Technical Lead

A comprehensive set of tools built in NextJS to provide an interface to manage Pluralsight B2B Subscriptions, scan 100k accounts for issues, and provide non technical stakeholders with the ability to correct issues.

This has saved hundreds of hours of developer time, and allowed the FinTech team to focus on bigger picture problems, instead of manually correcting issues with accounts. During this I also mentored developers and encouraged them to help make technical decisions for this internal project. This has put the team in a much better place, and helped other developers take ownership of various parts of the project.

Entitlements - Technical Lead

A complete rewrite of the Pluralsight B2B provisioning engine. Written in NestJS and designed to provide a simple but powerful interface for salesforce to update the Pluralsight platform asynchronously with changes, including but not limited to self healing APIs, developer tools, automated subscription updates, error detection and auto correction.

A major design goal was ease of diagnosis and fast remediation of issues. Because of the outlined goals we could remediate any B2B issue, for any account, within hours of a report. The application was powerful, but accessible to all parties who would need to interact with those systems. It provided extremely powerful B2B Provisioning tools, with a dead simple interface.

As the technical lead on this project I integrated with Kafka, RabbitMQ, and various internal Pluralsight systems to fully provision any B2B customer.

B2B Mass provisioning and remediation tools

A Series of internal scripts designed to allow mass creation of B2B accounts to facilitate large acquisitions and migration of external business accounts to be in alignment with all required Pluralsight Objects.

This allowed over 10k B2B accounts to be created en-mass as part of a migration effort.

Acquisition Migration(ACG)

I worked to create migrations scripts to assist with the Pluralsight purchase of A Cloud Guru to create all necessary objects in Zuora, Salesforce, Stripe and beyond migrating from Chargebee, to ensure that all credit cards, accounts, and subscription terms were preserved from system to system.

I was also tasked to project manage the technical requirements, worked to create a roadmap and plan for each step of the process and update management with expected timelines, working with multi functional teams around Pluralsight to ensure that all requirements were met.